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Final TAFE assessment, 2017

In 2017 I completed my Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Merchandising, presenting Andromeda as my final range. My vision was to create red-carped inspired evening wear with a techno-twist: the inclusion of Neopixel LED's. Each dress features a skirt full of lights, programmed to sync with the song that played during the runway. I also ice-dyed the chiffon. About 90% of this project was done completely from scratch, with the exception of a few patterns from my library that were altered for this range.

Andromeda features five complete looks and three constructed outfits. Each outfit consists of a bodice, skirt, sleeve and jacket. I wanted the designs to have clean lines and soft shapes, tied together by the colour scheme and lights. The outfits are named after the stars in Andromeda: Sirrah, Mirach, Almach, Delta and Nembus.

Sirrah, the first dress in the Andromeda range.
The Sirrah jacket, part of the Andromeda range.
The brightest star in the Andromeda constellation

I wanted Sirrah to be the centrepiece of the range, so it’s the only design that’s symmetrical and features a lot of design aspects not seen in the other outfits. This was a very deliberate decision as I was always going to construct the symmetrical one. It’s also the only design with attached sleeves, as I wanted it to remain as the centrepiece throughout any mixing and matching.

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