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Chonnie posing with an illustration of Tensei.

Batwing Tensei | Chonnie H.

Artist - Writer - Costumier | Creator - Business Owner

Batwing Tensei is a micro business operated by me, Chonnie! I officially started the business at the end of 2020, after completing Certificate III in Micro Business Management.

I've been drawing for over a decade and found my niche in toony character art. Despite being formally trained in fashion design and marketing, after completing my Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Merchandising I moved into digital artistry, webcomic development and merchandise design. This started me on the path of exhibiting and tabling at pop-culture conventions across Australia.

All the art I post online is 100% drawn by me, and a lot of the products I sell are made in-house! Since buying cutting and embroidery machines (and with the help of Meroaw) I've been able to print and produce my own embroidered patches and hats, stickers and sticker sheets, suncatchers, prints and zines! More recently, through my previous employment with a Melbourne-based fashion brand, I've been able to design and produce my own custom fabrics to turn into bags, clothes and accessories. I plan on expanding my collection of home-made products to include bookmarks, holographic prints, screen and digitally printed apparel, embroidered and plush charms.

I also run Tensei x Meroaw with my bestie, Meroaw! Together we exhibit at conventions all over Australia and make tonnes of collaborative merchandise. From Pokemon to Dungeons and Dragons, we share a lot of interests and a lot of hobbies so there's never a shortage of projects we can do together.

I have a huge passion for costume and have worked in the industry on multiple different contracts. My experience includes historical, dance and magic costumes for television, movies and stage productions.

Throughout 2021 and 2022 I focused on my YouTube and Twitch channels, creating videos and streaming for live audiences. I've had to put these on the back burner for now, as I've taken up employment with a digital patternmaking house in Melbourne.

Alongside all this I also write and run a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons campaign called The Purifiers of Ivory Vale, write, develop and illustrate multiple comics and draw personal art. I quite literally never stop.

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