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Terms of Service

For all commissioned work.

By commissioning me you agree to the following Terms of Service. I reserve the right to refuse your commission if it breaches any of these terms. If your commission has already been paid for or started and you breach my TOS your commission will be cancelled and any payment made will be forfeit.

For commercial usage please read the relevant section at the bottom of this page.


I will draw:

  • OC's and Adoptables

  • Fanart, Canon Characters & Fan Characters

  • Pin-ups & Suggestive Imagery

  • Minor Injuries & Violence (eg. blood noses, scars, etc.)

  • Pokemon

  • Anthropomorphic & Furry Characters

I may draw (subject to complexity, style, context, etc.):

  • Animals & Feral Characters

  • Simple Vehicles (eg. bicycles)

I won't draw:

  • Pornography & Explicit Nudity

  • Fetishes & Fetish Art

  • Extreme Violence

  • Gore

  • Illicit Drug Use

  • Mechs & Detailed Vehicles (eg. cars)

  • Harmful Imagery

  • NFTs & Crypto-related Media

  • Logos & Other Graphic Design Media

You can:

  • Display your commission online (avatars, icons, banners, etc.) as long as I'm credited

  • Re-upload your commission to social media as long as I'm credited

  • Re-upload your commission to sites like Toyhouse as long as I'm credited

  • Print your commission for personal use (eg. displaying in your home)

You can credit me by linking to any of my social media profiles (either via @batwingtensei or a direct link) or my website in the relevant posts, descriptions or bios.

You cannot:

  • Mint, Token or Sell your commission for/on blockchains or Cryptocurrency

  • Involve your commission in blockchains, blockchain-related technology, Cryptocurrency or any future invention in the space

  • Involve your commission in any generative AI or AI associated tools, databases or otherwise.

  • Re-upload your commission in any capacity without crediting me

  • Use your commission online (avatars, icons, banners, etc.) without crediting me

  • Sell or display your commission for personal gain or profit (unless commercial rights have been purchased)

  • Remove or edit my signature

I require a reliable email address for contact throughout the commission process. I only conduct commissions via email and my Google Forms. Once the commission request has been approved I will send an invoice via PayPal in USD and will not begin work until the complete payment has been received, unless otherwise specified (Australian clients may request a direct bank transfer in AUD). I will provide a rough ETA of when your commission will be completed and notify you of any changes.
Please note: due to unpredictable health issues, commissions may be suddenly delayed for long periods of time. This is unfortunately unavoidable, but if you are unhappy with an updated ETA I'm happy to discuss a refund for work not completed. I ask for your consideration and patience if this occurs during the commission process.

If you commission is required by a deadline please notify me before sending payment so I can adjust accordingly. A rush fee of 100% of the quote will be incurred if your deadline is provided after the payment has been sent and the artwork will not be sent to you until the fee is paid. If your deadline is provided before payment but heavily impacts my other due dates, a 50% rush fee will be applied. I will discuss these fees with you before continuing with your commission.

Please note: I am not able to guarantee a finished artwork by your imposed deadlines, as I am a sole artist and business owner. I require at least 4 weeks notice to consider working to deadlines and will not accept work with a due date less than 2 weeks away.

Non-shaded reference imagery is preferred. Where possible, colour palettes are highly appreciated. If your character doesn't have reference imagery please provide a description as as much additional media as possible (eg. mood boards, photos of clothing, hairstyle inspiration, Picrew or other character creators, etc.). For more information, see 'Regarding Drawing from Description' below.

When linking to Toyhouse and other similar sites, please link directly to the character's primary reference and provide any important information in the commission form.

Changes can only be requested without incurring additional fees during the sketch phase. Once the sketch has been approved any changes will be made after applicable fees have been paid. The fee is 20% of the original quote + the expected time to make the changes, and will be invoiced via PayPal in USD. Please keep this in mind when approving the sketch.

Incorrect markings, colours, missed details and misinterpretations of the supplied reference do not incur additional fees unless the reference material is illegible or additional material is provided after the sketch is approved.

Please note: illegible references include images with shading, low-quality images and outdated references.


Payment will be invoiced via PayPal in USD to the email address designated in the commission form. The full payment is required upfront and no work will start until the invoice has been paid.

Australian clients can request a bank transfer instead, wherein the payment will be invoiced via email and the quote converted to AUD based on the conversion rate at the time of the request. If I know a client is Australian I may offer this option as an alternative to PayPal.

Refund POlicy

If you require a refund please contact me as quickly as possible, as I only fully refund work I haven't started. If I have started work and refund request is sent I will refund for the work not completed, and supply proof of my progress for transparency. I will not negotiate the refund amount and will calculate it based on my progress through the commission. I do not refund completed work. Please keep this in mind before paying for your commission. Here are the percentages based on how much of the commission is finished:

  • Unapproved sketch: 80% (eg. $80 back on a $100 commission)

  • Approved sketch: 70%

  • Lineart: 60%

  • Flat Colours: 40%

  • Shading: 30%

  • Detailing: 20%

  • Background: 10%

Refunds will be processed via the payment channel (If you were invoiced and paid via PayPal, you will be refunded via PayPal). This cannot be negotiated.

If you breach my terms of service during the commission process your payment will be forfeit and no refunds will be given. You will not receive any artwork and you will be placed on my blacklist.

Digital Commissions

When commissioning a digital artwork you will not recieve a physical product. The completed illustration will be emailed to you in .png format. The .psd file and other basic formats (.jpg, etc.) can be provided upon request. In the event that PayPal asks for a shipping address, please check the 'No Shipping Required' option.

For applicable commission styles, a video speedpaint will be sent alongside the final illustration. In the event that the video file is too big a Google Drive link will be provided. If you don't have access to Google Drive I can upload the video via Dropbox.

I reserve the right to post your commission on my social media, websites and use the artwork in promotional materials relating to my commission work. If you:

  • Do not want your commission to be posted publicly

  • Do not want your commission to be worked on publicly (Twitch, WIPs on Patreon, etc.)

  • Do not want to be tagged in your commission

  • Want your commission to remain secret until a specific date

Please specify in the commission form so I can accommodate your request. Alternatively you can send me an email before the commission is completed to let me know of any specific requests regarding publicity and posting.

When posted online your commission will include a 'Batwing Tensei, Do Not Repost' watermark, and will be posted in a lower quality .jpg format.

Physical Commissions

When commissioning a physical piece (embroidered badge/patch, print, etc.) you will receive a physical product and must provide your shipping details. This includes your legal name (can be formatted as J. Smith), full postal address and country. This can be provided via PayPal upon payment of the invoice, or via email. I ship from Melbourne, Australia and will provide tracking numbers where applicable.

I ship via Australia Post.​ For shipping within Australia (All prices in AUD):

  • Tracked: $9

  • Express: $12

For international:

  • Tracked: $15

  • Express: $30

I do not offer untracked shipping for Australian clients to prevent possible loss during transit. If your parcel is lost or never arrives, please contact me as well as flagging the issue with Australia Post. If your parcel is deemed lost by Australia Post I will make and send another copy of your commission at no extra cost.

For applicable commissions you will also receive the .png of the completed illustration. The .psd and other basic formats (.jpg, etc.) can be provided upon request.

In the event that the design stands to have issues during production (eg. misaligned detailing, colour variation, etc.) I will provide notice that this may occur and the opportunity for you to choose whether or not to alter the design. Detailing like linework is difficult with embroidery and has a high probability of shifting. I cannot predict or stop this from happening. In the event that the colours I have on hand are not suitable I can purchase colours on request, but they will incur additional fees and extend the time the commission will take. The fees are to cover the cost of the materials and shipping.

  • Embroidery threads: $5 per colour, + 1 - 2 weeks

  • Backing fabric: $8 per colour, + 4 - 8 days

  • Backing felt (badges only): $10 per colour, + 4 - 8 days

Additional copies of your commission can be requested and will cost an additional 60% of the commission quote. These can be requested at any time before your commission has been shipped. To order more copies after your commission has been shipped, please contact me. Reprints are subject to my schedule, work queue and whether or not I have the materials. Additional fees for materials may be applied and shipping costs will be charged again.

I reserve the right to post your commission on my social media, websites and use the artwork in promotional materials relating to my commission work. If you:

  • Do not want your commission to be posted publicly

  • Do not want your commission to be worked on publicly (Twitch, WIPs on Patreon, etc.)

  • Do not want to be tagged in your commission

  • Want your commission to remain secret until a specific date

Please specify in the commission form so I can accommodate your request. Alternatively you can send me an email before the commission is completed to let me know of any specific requests regarding publicity and posting.

Regarding Drawing from Description

If you don't have any visual references for your character I can draw from description, but there are additional terms you must agree to. If you request more than three changes to the sketch an additional fee will be incurred for unexpected time spent on your commission. To avoid this, please ensure your description includes the most important information about your character in as clear terms as possible. I do not need details about the character's story, backstory, any accessories that won't be in the commission, etc. Please keep your description focused on what I will be drawing.

I accept and appreciate the following visual references:

  • Mood boards, Pinterest boards, Tumblr blogs, Toyhouse pages, etc.

  • Colour palettes

  • Photos/images for hairstyle, clothing, tattoo/marking/make-up references and inspiration

  • Screenshots from character generators (Heroforce, Picrew creators, dress-up games, etc.)

  • Existing characters/artworks as inspiration

  • Folders on Google Drive and Dropbox with images and written descriptions

  • Images and descriptions emailed directly to me


In the event that you don't have any references or inspiration images I can work solely from a description, but please ensure it's easy to follow and only contains information about the character's physical appearance. The most important details I need are listed below, but feel free to expand on the list:

  • Body type, facial features & shapes

  • Hairstyle

  • Non-human limbs such as animal ears, tails, wings, animal legs, etc.

  • Scars, markings, tattoos, etc.

  • Health aids: Glasses, hearing aids, glucose monitors, etc.

  • Mobility aids: Wheelchairs, walking canes, crutches, etc.

  • Prosthetic or missing limbs

  • Colours: Skin, hair, eyes, etc.

  • Clothing: Could be a style/aesthetic or a provided outfit

  • Accessories: Jewellery, weapons, motif items, etc.

Regarding Commercial Artworks

By default my commissions are for personal clients only. If you'd like to purchase a commission with the intent of profiting off it, please be advised that reproduction and usage right costs will be incurred. This includes:

  • Advertisements, sponsorships and anything involving an existing product or IP with the intent of advertising said product or IP

  • Any artwork publicised with the intent to draw in customers, sell products or services and turn profit

  • Ongoing representation of a for-profit business, brand, company, group, etc. (Not individual content creators)

  • Showcase in for-profit projects

Please note: I will only work with IPs if the commissioner can prove they own the rights and/or are the copyright holders. I will not accept commercial commissions involving copy written images, characters and fonts that do not belong to the commissioner.

Please contact me directly with your intended usage so I can provide an accurate quote.

The exclusions to this are:

  • Twitch emotes

  • Livestreaming alerts

  • Video thumbnails

  • Artworks for individual content creators, streamers, etc. (eg. character art for videos, stream offline screens, thumbnails, etc.)

These incur a 20% usage fee, but I retain the commercial rights and must be credited correctly (a link to my website must be displayed somewhere on the applicable videos, Twitch channels, etc.). I reserve the right to revoke your usage rights at any time, for any reason (for example, if you do not credit me for my work, if you provably post transphobic content, etc.).

I am not a graphic designer and will not design logos or similar graphics-based images, including stream layouts.

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