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The Dragon Laska logo, designed by Frosted Monster.

The wind will make the world soar, The ice will crack and roar, The fire will drown out the dark, The ethereal will dance with a spark, The toxin will interpret the questions, The magic will light up the answers. When the 12 sacred hearts meet their destiny is clear. When the world crumbles at their feet, they are the only ones to save it. They are the Dragon Laska.

Crystla DeRuxo from Dragon Laska.

Crystla De-Ruxo

Frixy Toxique from Dragon Laska.

Frixy Toxique

Ayaan Burwern from Dragon Laska.

Ayaan Burwern

Pyralis Zellwegger from Dragon Laska.

Pyralis Zellwegger

Jaycee Blythe from Dragon Laska.

Jaycee Blythe

Mazenta Zakidrake from Dragon Laska.

Mazenta Zakidrake

Hayley Huang from Dragon Laska.

Hayley Huang

Chadjaska Lagorio from Dragon Laska.

Chadjaska Lagorio

Be Averesch from Dragon Laska.

Elizabeth "Be" Averesch

Alexis Averesch from Dragon Laska.

Alexis Averesch

Selene Deyka from Dragon Laska.

Selene Deyka

Xavio Taipa from Dragon Laska.

Xavio Taipa

Dragon Laska is a collaborative webcomic between myself and Meroaw. It's a fantasy story featuring dragons, magic and an entirely queer cast. My personal roles within the comic include writing dialogue and jokes, illustrating the humanoid characters, line art, flat colours, speech bubbles and borders.

The comic is free to read on Webtoon here.

Logo design by Frosted Monster.

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