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The Rehellion logo.

Garrison Inc. is the only surfaced-based demonic protection agency, built for and by rebel demons. Within their ranks are a brave few that protect their fellow deserters from Hell's threats, training to combat their own kind for the greater good. When the call goes out for a new field agent to join their ranks, two applicants stood out.

Because there were only two applicants.

Hecate, a highly skilled fighter who values actions over words. Wilder, a self-described documentarian who loves the spotlight. With such diverse skill sets Garrison Inc.'s directors saw only one logical outcome: to hire them both as partnered agents.

Hecate from Rehellion.


Adrenaline-loving and combat ready, Hecate's fighting skills are second to none. She loves extreme sports, loud music and engaging in both with her best friend, Pythios. She frequents nightclubs and is always keen for a night out dancing, even if she goes alone.

Wilder from Rehellion.


Charismatic and quick-thinking, Wilder has a reputation as a smooth talking egotist. They enjoy puzzles, research and puzzling research, but despite being focused on logic and patterns seem to have a soft spot for the occult.

Rehellion is my first solo webcomic and is still in development. I currently have plans for five major arcs and a total of 25 chapters. The comic will be released in the same way Dragon Laska is: primarily online and free to read, with physical copies available to purchase directly from me at conventions and online.

I don't currently have a timeline or release date, as I'm still in the building and scripting phases and don't want to put unnecessary pressure on myself.

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